Sami Mukahhal is a Lebanese social media influencer who is known for sharing and spreading his positivity and humor.

Sami Mukahhal is an avid believer of the saying, “We all smile in the same language.” It serves as an inspiration that keeps him sharing his humor and positivity all over the internet. Sami also thinks that the whole world could benefit from positive influence to make people smile.

Mukahhal has built a significant fanbase on Instagram, mostly comprising of Lebanese people. His followers visit his profile to see Mukahhal in a variety of lifestyle settings. He’s at the beach. He’s playing with his dog Max. He’s joking around with friends. The ultimate impact of the Instagram account, however, is to reveal how much of an influencer Mukahhal has become.

His mission in life has always been to share his gift of laughter, and he takes that job quite seriously. Even though Sami is dedicated to his day job as a cyber security consultant, he always has time to make people smile and laugh with his unprompted humor.

His most remarkable quality is his ability to make people smile no matter what is going on in their lives.